Getting on with doing what matters.

Below is a great article by Steven Hayes who developed the therapy that I use – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. (ACT).
I have worked with people to overcome difficult thoughts and feelings over the years utilising this therapy. Working out what matters to you and committing to taking action can be life-changing.

1. Let go of the notion of waiting to feel ‘good’ or motivated as necessary in order to take action.
2.. Make room for the discomfort. You don’t have to like or want it but having difficult thoughts and feeling doesn’t have to stop you doing what matters to you.
3. Work out what it is that truly matters to you. Tapping into what really matters to you can help you take action in the service of this.
4. Set a commitment to what you are actually going did. It doesn’t have to be a big goal but something ‘doable’ right now.
5. Just do it.
6. Own your inaction. If you are not able to do the first step, the second step etc. don’t beat yourself up. Acknowledge your inaction kindly and begin again.