As the song says, Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year but for some of us, the Festive Season can be pretty stressful and not so joyous.

  • Having to spend time with relatives that we don’t particularly like.
  • Feeling exhausted after a hectic year and the run-up to Christmas
  • Some of us are living alone or don’t have a family to spend time with. Or feeling sad that our loved ones have passed away and are no longer with us
  • Having to juggle shared custody of children can make this a difficult and stressful time for some parents.
  • Getting hooked on the gift giving present buying more is a better spiel and then worrying about how to pay for it in the New Year.
  • Envying the endless and carefully constructed Christmas Celebrations that flood our social media feeds

Here are a few tips that may help you manage your Festive Season

  • Keep the big picture in mind. While the thought of having a perfect Christmas with family gathered around the Christmas tree would be wonderful the reality is that many of us will never have this.The big picture is to survive without getting hooked into too much family drama. Keep your expectations realistic
  • Have a sense of what Christmas means for you. Reflect on what personally matters to you.   Is it catching up with friends or spending time with family, or the religious meaning  of Christmas or too simply kick back and relax after a hectic  year
  • Take time out if you need to. You don’t have to go to every party; visit every relative or be first through the door at the Boxing Days Treat yourself kindly

Wishing everyone best wishes for the Festive Season.