Just about all of us at some point in our lives has felt flat, or we don’t feel like ‘ourselves’. This is a normal part of being a human. We get sad, disappointed; we feel a gap between what we want and what we’ve got. We have a few days of this and kick out of it and resume feeling like ourselves. Sometimes though these feeling persist and this may be warning signs that you may be depressed. If after a few weeks you continue to feel sad, down or miserable most of the time or have lost interest or pleasure in usual activities. Plus withdrawing from family or friends; feel irritable or angry; have negative thoughts such ‘I’m a failure.’ ‘Nothing good ever happens to me.’; are having physical symptoms such as poor sleep/sleeping more; loss of appetite/or eating more; or overwhelming fatigue. Then you may be suffering from depression.

It’s important to remember that we all experience some of these symptoms from time to time, and it may not necessarily mean you’re depressed.

However, if you are experiencing a combination of these symptoms psychological therapies have been proven to assist people in managing their symptoms and life challenges.